DDP Graduations

29 January 2010


The DDP school year runs from January to December, and today there was a graduation ceremony for the students of Year 2 who finished their studies almost a month ago. The recent graduates of the sign language interpreter training were also invited to receive their certificates at the ceremony as were ten new DDP staff who have finished training as sign language teachers.

Beginning the ceremony

The venue for the graduation ceremony was a new restaurant near the DDP office. Actually it is only open in the evening but for a group our size they allowed us to come at lunch time for our presentations and a meal together.

Receiving a certificate

The first order of business after a formal welcome was to present certificates of achievement to the students who successfully finished Year 2 of DDP's non-formal two-year education program.

Education graduates

The students posed with their teachers and with the Basic Education Project team.

Meas Phirom and Kimhak

After the awarding of the certificates, Kimhak explained to the parents present DDP's job training project which offers a year of training in any of five or six skills. Interpreting for him was Meas Phirom.

Justin Smith

Then Justin Smith explained the Deaf Community Development Project and the soon-to-start new classes for teaching sign language to hearing people.

Charlie Dittmeier and Susan Sporl

Susan Sporl, the advisor to the Social Services Project, the newest of the DDP projects, explained what she and Vannarith, the social worker, can offer to deaf people and their families.

Sign language interpreter graduates

The group of trainees who have finished the training as Cambodia Sign Language interpreters.

Sign language teacher graduates

The group of young deaf men and women who have finished their training to teach Cambodian Sign Language. Some have already started working in DDP's joint project with Handicap International--France

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