DDP Job Training Graduations

7 April 2010


Today the Job Training Project of the Deaf Development Programme had an awards ceremony, giving out certificates earned by students from several job training centers. The ceremony was followed by a simple meal at the deaf community center.

Parents and staff at the ceremony

Seated in the front of the group were DDP staff who worked with the job trainees and some of the parents of the trainees.

Deaf students and friends

The ceremony was held at the Deaf Community Center in Phnom Penh and quite a few deaf friends came to watch the ceremony and rejoice with their graduating friends.

Student representative speaking

One young woman graduate gave a short speech in sign language celebrating the special day for all who received certificates.

Keat Sokly speaking

The DDP program manager, Keat Sokly, spoke to the graduates about their life ahead, how it would be difficult and would require the best of behavior and values from them.

Charlie Dittmeier giving certificates

The DDP program director, Charlie Dittmeier, handed out the certificates to each of the graduating students who will return to their villages tomorrow for the celebration of the Khmer New Year.

Group photograph

At the end of the formal ceremony, there was a group photograph of the students, their sign language interpreters, and the staff of the Job Training Project.

Enjoying a meal together

Then all who attended were invited to a simple meal, eating on tables set up outside in the yard area of the Deaf Community Center.

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