Basic Education






Teacher Training
December, 2010


Every year the teachers of the deaf students at the Deaf Development Programme undergo several periods of training, once in August and then again in December.  This year in December the teachers had three days of updating prior to two days of staff meetings for the full staff.

As part of the training, different teachers demonstrate best practices or useful techniques they have acquired.  Chan Thorng, a Phnom Penh teacher, speaks to the teachers and some of the deaf students. Chan Thorng
Part of the week is devoted to developing and sharing new materials and resources for teaching.  The experienced teachers can be a great help here to the newer ones. Preparing teaching materials
The Deaf Development Programme has a good group of teachers with a good spirit and comradarie. A good spirit
One of the newer teachers packs up some books and teaching materials she will take back to Kampot province with her.
Packing materials to take home

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