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Behavior Workshop in Phnom Penh
29 July 2011


Because they have had no language to speak with their parents and families, the young deaf people who come to the Deaf Development Programme have little knowledge and understanding of the behavioral norms of society so a workshop was organized to provide some behavior education.

The workshop was held at the Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonos Center, run by a Korean Christian group.  The center has a variety of meeting rooms, an auditorium, and other facilities.  It was easy to tell which room our students were using because they all took off their shoes as they would when going into a home.
Shoes outside the meeting room door
The spiritual and moral foundation of Cambodia is Buddhism, the state religion.  It is extremely important for proper functioning in society to understand the teachings and precepts of Buddhism so DDP brought in two monks to speak to our students. Introducing the monks
After the monks finished their presentation, the students met in small groups to discuss the ideas of the morning.
Small group discussion
Another small group discussion.  About ten of the DDP staff also attended the workshop and participated in the discussions with the students.
Small group discussion
Ms. Touch Sophy (left) is the Education Project Manager and she planned the workshop with Susan Sporl, a Maryknoll Lay Missioner who is also the Social Work Project advisor.
Touch Sophy and Susan Sporl
After the discussions, each group gave a report.  One of the broad themes the students discussed was what makes human beings different from animals.  This topic helped to focus on the responsibility and decision-making that they must exercise.
Giving a small group report
A report from another small group.
Giving a small group report
The workshop was only in the morning, and finally it was time for the students to get in the tuk-tuk and return to school for lunch and the afternoon classes.  These girls seem to have enjoyed the morning.
Tuk-tuk ride back to school

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