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Graduation in Phnom Penh
28 February 2011


The Education Project of the Deaf Development Programme has classrooms in Kampong Cham Province, Kampot Province, and in Phnom Penh.  At the end of the two-year program, graduations are held in all three locations.

At the beginning of the ceremony, held in a local restaurant near DDP, Touch Sophy, the manager of the Education Project addressed the graduating students and their parents. Education Project Manager, Touch Sophy
Then each of the graduates received a certificate noting their accomplishments.  Some of the students received certificates from Charles Dittmeier, the director of the Deaf Development Programme.
Receiving graduation certificates
Some other students received their certificates from Keat Sokly, the manager of the Deaf Development Programme and from Touch Sophy.  There were sixteen graduates in all in Phnom Penh.
Receiving graduation certificates
After the ceremony the students and their teachers gathered for a group photo to remember this day.
Group photo
After their two years of education, these students will now move into job training, if they wish.  Many of them requested individual photos with Charlie Dittmeier and with other staff.
Individual photos with the staff
Once the students had started to go home, the staff finished eating and enjoyed remembrances of their experiences with the students.  L-R: Veasna, Phirom, and Sophy.
Relaxing at the end of the ceremony

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