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Teacher Training in Phnom Penh
4-8 April 2011


The Education Project of the Deaf Development Programme has teacher training twice a year, once right before the Khmer New Year in April and later in August.  The teachers get about two weeks of training provided by the project manager and her assistant.  There are no university opportunities for training in deaf education in Cambodia so the in-house training at DDP is quite important.

The Deaf Development Programme Education Project has two classrooms in Phnom Penh, two in Kampot Province, and two in Kampong Cham Province.  The project manager and her assistant work from the Phnom Penh office. DDP education project teachers
When the Education Project was reorganized in 2005, teachers with government teaching certificates were hired and deaf education trainers from outside Cambodia were brought in to teach our teachers to teach deaf students, to teach students through their eyes and not through their ears.  It was an expensive program but worth it.  Now DDP has some of the best teachers in Cambodia.
DDP Education Project staff

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