First Aid Training
April, 2012


We have many students under our care and supervision and emergency medical services are minimal in Cambodia so the Deaf Development Programme gave first aid training to DDP staff who work most with our students.

The Deaf Development Programme contacted the Cambodian Red Cross and they sent a team of instructors to provide two days of basic first aid training.
Red Cross instructors with DDP staff
Here the instructor demonstrates how to fold a bandage while Phirom (blue shirt) interprets the instructions into Cambodian Sign Language for the deaf staff.
Demonstrating how to fold a bandage
Then the staff had the opportunity to practice folding the bandages themselves, to see if they had learned the procedure.
Practicing folding a bandage
The second day of training focused on CPR, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. A specialized, responsive mannequin was used but staff also served as volunteers.
Practicing CPR
We hope that our staff will be better equipped to deal with emergencies in the future, after this training. We are especially concerned about students in our hostels for whom we are responsible 24 hours per day.
Practicing CPR

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