Workshop on Buddhist Morality: Phnom Penh
26 March 2012


Workshops: Phnom Penh  |  Kampong Cham  |  Kampot

Because Buddhism is such an important part of Cambodian society, the Deaf Development Programme provides opportunities for the deaf students to learn about their national religion. The area of morality is particularly important, and today we had an all-day workshop in Phnom Penh with two monks from a nearby wat (pagoda) speaking about moral values. The workshop will be repeated this week in Kampot and Kampong Cham Provinces also.

To start the day, Charlie Dittmeier officially welcomed the monks to DDP and then the leader for the day explained the schedule for the activities and discussions.
Introducing the monks
Coincidentally, a media team from Maryknoll is in Cambodia and when they heard about the morality workshop, they asked if they could take photos, make some videos, and prepare some articles. Part of their agenda was an interview with Charlie Dittmeier done by Sean Sprague, a freelance photographer who works regularly for Maryknoll.
Interviewing Charlie Dittmeier
One of the monks spoke in the morning and then Charlie Dittmeier spoke about morality from a Christian perspective, to point out the similarities and differences in the Buddhist and Christian approaches. In the afternoon the other monk spoke.
A monk making a presentation
The morality workshop was organized by the DDP Education Project in conjunction with the Social Work Project. Susan Sporl, a Maryknoll Lay Missioner social work advisor, was on hand to say goodbye to the monks at the end of the day.
Saying goodbye to the monks

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