DDP Staff Outing for Women's Day

When International Women's Day was approaching, some of the staff proposed a one-day outing to the beach at Kampong Som in the south of Cambodia. The staff concurred and a bus was hired for the 3½-hour drive. It was the first time our staff had an outing together like this, and now they are asking for another.

Cambodian terrain along the southern coast

The terrain along the coast of Cambodia in the south

A beach in Kampong Som

Cambodia has miles of nearly empty coastline

DDP staff at the sea

The staff went swimming at one beach and later rode the bus to this other beach

Group shot of DDP staff

All the staff except for four were able to take part in this outing

Lots of food

Srey Touch, the houseparent for our hostel, prepared all the food

Eating on the beach

The beach and eating together were worth the eight hours on the bus

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