Apartment Hunting

7 January 2006

Traveling in a tuk-tuk

The first order of business after Megan's arrival and a good night's sleep was to find an apartment for her and Kimberly Banks, her sign language interpreter. Here Megan and Sinoun, the DDP interpreter, visit another apartment in a tut-tuk.

Talking with a landlord

We visited six different apartments relatively near DDP during a full day of walking around.  Here Sinoun and Megan talk with a landlord in an apartment that had an unusual loft with a very low ceiling. Three of the apartments we found with a realtor.

A map of Phnom Penh

At the realtor's office, Megan points to the location of the office of the Deaf Development Program.

Megan's new home

Megan and Sinoun chat in the apartment Megan chose as her home for the next three months.

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