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Farewell for DDP Advisor Justin Smith
30 June 2007


Deaf people at Justin Smith's farewell The celebration for Justin brought out a large crowd of deaf people. Justin first came to the Deaf Development Program nearly four years ago as a trainee and stayed on as a most valued advisor.
Justin leading a quiz Justin prepared a full morning of activities so that his deaf friends could really enjoy themselves. Here he leads a quiz about different nations of the world.
Group working on the quiz Groups of four deaf people each tried to come up with the answers to the questions on the quiz.
Stephanie helps two participants Stephanie Linder, another deaf advisor who came in January, 2007, helps some of the participants.
Justin helps a group Justin worked with the groups, too. For prizes he gave away his bicycle and other possessions he cannot take back to England.
A gift for Justin Many of the deaf people had gifts they offered to Justin.
Posing with Justin And then many more deaf people wanted to have their pictures taken with Justin!

3 July 2007: Today the DDP staff gathered for lunch to wish Justin farewell

Lunch with Justin The DDP staff in Phnom Penh celebrated Justin's farewell with a lunch at a local restaurant
A gift for Justin Samath, the DDP staff artist, presented Justin with a drawing of Justin working with the sign language researchers

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