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Selwyn Hoffmann
August, 2012


30 August 2012

Today Selwyn Hoffmann (holding sign) arrived in Phnom Penh to work with the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme as an activities coordinator for the Deaf Community Development Project. Meeting him at the airport were Justin Smith (left) and Thoeun Youkhim and Charlie Dittmeier.

Justin Smith, Selwyn Hoffmann, Thoeun Youkhim

Selwyn checked into his hotel after a short ride from the airport, assisted by Youkhim who is the Program Officer for Australian Volunteers International who recruited Selwyn and brought him to Cambodia for a 1.5 years term with DDP.

Selwyn checking in at hotel

After checking into the hotel, Selwyn and Charlie Dittmeier posed for a photo before going to see about buying a SIM so Selwyn can use his phone here in Cambodia.

Selwyn Hoffmann and Charlie Dittmeier
31 August 2012

Selwyn came for his first day of work at the Deaf Development Programme today and met Kong Chamroeun, a field worker in Phnom Penh, who will be working with Selwyn on activities for the deaf community.

Selwyn Hoffmann and Kong Chamroeun

Next after meeting the other staff in the DDP offices, Selwyn began learning Cambodian Sign Language from two of our sign language teachers.

Selwyn learning Cambodian Sign Language

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