Job Interviews in Phnom Penh
18 April 2012


The Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme recently acquired the second half of their office building so that they now rent the entire facility. Anohter cleaner will be needed and it was decided to switch a present cleaner to a guard and hire two deaf people for the cleaning positions.

All job positions are normally advertized in the community and these two cleaning positions were made known through the Deaf Community Center and a flyer at DDP. When Justin arrived at work this morning there were already ten people waiting to submit an application.
Deaf people waiting for interviews
About fifteen people appeared during the day to submit applications. Many deaf people are unemployed and so these two openings were very attractive.
Deaf people waiting for interviews
Justin Smith interviewed each of the applicants individually. He used one of the offices in the new building. We are just starting the process of moving offices into the new facility.
Justin Smith interviewing a deaf man

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