DDP's New Office


May, 2006

The search for DDP's new office started in April, 2006 after much discussion about various options for better utilizing our space. We contacted two or three real estate companies to help us look, but we depended just as much on walking and riding bicycles and motordupes up and down the streets in the right neighborhoods looking for "For Rent" signs.

A typical shophouse
Another shop house
The majority of the locations available for rent were this style of building known as a "shophouse," because often the family has a shop on the open ground floor and lives on the mezzanine floor inside and the second floor. The houses are just one room wide, wide enough to drive the car into the front room and have about two feet on either side of it. These are two of the houses we looked at but none of this style had large enough rooms for our use.

[More to come!]

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