APCD Workshop on Deafness
21 November 2007


A student telling her experience Today the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disabilities conducted two workshops in Cambodia, one on the problems of deafness and the other on the problems of people with intellectual disabilities. Here a deaf student speaks of her experience.
A small group of deaf people discussing Here a group of deaf people from different organizations, working in a small discussion group, prepare to speak to the large group about the problems for deaf people in Cambodia.
Organizers of the workshop The APCD office for the Asia-Pacific region is in Bangkok, and they sent some very high level executives to these workshops to learn more about deaf people and people with intellectual disabilities after finding that they had less information about these conditions than about other disabilities.
Reporting from the small groups There were two small groups, one with all the deaf people in it, and the other with hearing people who were parents of the deaf people or worked with them in various NGOs. After discussion, the ideas of these groups were recorded for input to the planning in Bangkok.

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