Deaf Day in Kampong Chhnang

20 September 2006

The annual Deaf Day was celebrated by the Deaf Development Program in three locations this year, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Kampong Chhnang Provinces. The first celebration was in Kampot, on 17 September. The celebrations in Kampong Chhnang and Phnom Penh were held on Wednesday, 20 September.

Phnom Penh deaf people at Kampong Chhnang


A vanload of 14 people from Phnom Penh made the almost two-hour trip to Kampong Chhnang for this year's main celebration, held in a very poor rural district.

A deaf speaker

This year's celebration emphasized performances rather than speeches, but two deaf people gave short talks. One was Heang Samath, DDP's illustrator in Phnom Penh, who spoke about his deafness and how it affected his family.

A procession to the Deaf Day celebrationThe Land Mine Disability Services (LMDS) NGO organized the Kampong Chhnang celebration, and even arranged for a procession of demonstrators who marched to the celebration site at a primary school carrying slogans in support of deaf rights.

A skit on Deaf Day


Several groups of students presented short skits about the rights of deaf people and their place in the family.

Performers from Epic Arts
Epic Arts, an NGO in Kampot province, sent a team of performers with and without disabilities to show to the assembled group of farmers and students the abilities of people with disabilities.

Receiving gifts for performances


The deputy governor of Kampong Chhnang province presented souvenir gifts to the different groups of performers.

The dignitaries on the stage


This year's celebrations did not focus on high-profile politicians and officials. The stage at Kampong Chhnang had only a few dignitaries and heads of NGOs.

DDP's deaf students in Kampong Chhnang
These are the first year students who are studying in DDP's sign language and literacy program in Kampong Chhnang. None of them had ever been to school before three months ago.

Truck transportationLMDS arranged for villagers from the area where LMDS works to attend the celebration to learn about deafness and to enjoy the show. They utilized Cambodia's common mode of transportation, the back of dump trucks.

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