Sign Language Meeting in Hong Kong
17 June 2005

Professor Gladys Tang and Dr. James Woodward, both linguists, are the overall coordinators of the Nippon sign language dictionary project. The meeting was held at Chinese University of Hong Kong where Prof. Tang has established a department of sign language and deaf education.

Cambodian and Vietnamese representatives

Liza Clews interprets for the representatives from Cambodia and Vietnam as they meet each other. This was their first time out of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Dr. Gladys Tang

Professor Gladys Tang welcomes everyone to Chinese University of Hong Kong with interpretation into Cambodian and Japanese Sign Languages

Introducing the representatives

Deaf representatives from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong introduce themselves

Representatives from Nippon

We were fortunate to have three representatives from the Nippon Foundation attend the whole two-day meeting

Walking back from lunch

Delegates walking back to the conference center after lunch

The Cambodian presentation

Justin Smith adds a little after the Cambodian presentation by Math Seila

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