Sign Language Meeting in Hong Kong
18 June 2005

The second day of the meeting saw a busy morning and then out-of-town participants went into Hong Kong while the executive committee of the sign language dictionary project met to plan for the next two years

The meeting participants

The participants at the two-day meeting, from Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States

Graduates of the CUHK program

A ceremony for graduates of CUHK's program for deaf linguists

Dr. Yutaka Osugi

Dr. Yutaka Osugi, a deaf linguist from Japan, offers his thoughts on sign language development

At the end of the day's work, Professor Tang took the meeting participants on a tour of the CUHK campus

The Sign Language Department office

The last stop on the tour was the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies

A visit to the Hong Kong Association of the Deaf

Many of the group visited the Hong Kong Association of the Deaf in Kowloon

The Cambodian and Vietnamese participants

The participants from Cambodia and Vietnam

Seila and Liza in Mongkok, Hong Kong Dinner together

The day ended with a dinner hosted by the Nippon Foundation

(Left) Seila and Liza during their tour of Mongkok in Hong Kong

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