Sign Language Meeting in Hong Kong
19 June 2005

On Sunday, the day after the Nippon project meetings ended, the group from Cambodia spent the day with the Hong Kong Catholic deaf group.  Charlie Dittmeier worked with them for thirteen years before he went to Phnom Penh, and it was a joyful chance to get together again.

Hong Kong Catholic deaf group

On Saturday night, while other delegates walked around Kowloon, Charlie visited his old deaf parish

Hong Kong Catholic deaf group

The leaders of the Hong Kong Catholic Pastoral Association of the Deaf

Introducing Justin and Seila to the group

Seila and Justin (seated) get introduced to Peggy Fung and Simon Chan on Sunday morning at dim sum, a Chinese breakfast

A group of Hong Kong friends

Four tables of people showed up for dim sum and photos were taken with all

Hong Kong harbor from the Peak

Hong Kong Harbor from the Peak on a cloudy day

Rebecca and Seila at Hong Kong harbor

Rebecca Siu and Seila on a walk along the harbor

Eating lunch on the Peak

Seila eats his first Big Mac on top of the Peak in Hong Kong

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