Riikka Heikkinen's Arrival
19 February 2006


Liza Clews and Justin Smith at airport Riikka Heikkinen is Cooperation Officer for the Finnish Association of the Deaf which, together with Maryknoll Cambodia, is responsible for the Deaf Development Program. We meet once a year, and this year she came to Cambodia. While waiting for her at the airport, Liza Clews and Justin Smith, DDP's program advisors, checked some of the schedules for the coming week.
Chap Kim Hoeung, Riikka Heikkinen, Liza Clews, and Justin Smith Chap Kim Hoeung (left), DDP's program manager, and Liza Clews and Justin Smith, DDP's advisors, pose with Riikka after her 18-hour flight from Helsinki. She was fortunate to be upgraded to business class on the long flight from Helsinki to Bangkok.

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