FAD in Cambodia / Day 1
20 February 2006


Riikka Heikkinen and Liza Clews at DDP Riikka Heikkinen, the Finnish Association of the Deaf's Cooperation Officer, and Liza Clews, Programme Advisor, in front of the gate of DDP.
Riikka observing a class Today was Riikka's only day at the offices of the Deaf Development Program. One of her first activities, after meeting the staff, was to observe the training of the future DDP teachers.
Megan Youngs, Kim Banks, and Riikka Heikkinen Megan Youngs (left), the teacher trainer, and Kim Banks, Megan's ASL interpreter, joined Riikka and Liza Clews, Justin Smith, and Charlie Dittmeier for lunch
Megan Youngs, Riikka Heikkinen, and Kim Banks Megan and Kim are working in the DDP project called the Skills Development Project which provides job training. The Finnish Association of the Deaf is funding this project so Riikka talked to Megan and Kim about their work.
Liza Clews and Riikka Heikkinen FAD also pays the salary of one of the program advisors, so Riikka also met with Liza Clews about her contract for this present year.

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