FAD in Cambodia / Day 5
24 February 2006


At the entrance to Friends Sou Poly, Chap Kim Hoeung, and Riikka Heikkinen at the colorful front gate of Friends, known in Khmer as Mith Samlanh.
Justin and Riikka in the mechanics workshop The mechanics workshop is by far the most popular choice by the boys of a skill to be learned. It is also one of the most problematic since deaf people cannot hear the engines they are repairing.
In the welding workshop Welding is a skill we wish more deaf people were interested in because it offers one of the most stable and profitable jobs after training.
In the education section of Friends For children below 15 years of age, Mith Samlanh runs a full school to bring them up to the grade level appropriate for their age.
In the cooking section The cooking section starts students off preparing meals for the three hundred children studying each day on the main Friends campus. Then they graduate to working in Friends' two restaurants in Phnom Penh.
At the end of the tour Riikka, Poly, Justin (a training consultant at Friends), and Kim discuss what was seen during the tour.


[The End]

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