FAD in Cambodia / Day 3
22 February 2006


Liza Clews, Math Seila, Chea Sokchea Today was the first of two days of the Annual Negotiations Meetings at the offices of Catholic Relief Services. Here Liza Clews interprets in Cambodian Sign Language for Math Seila and Chea Sokchea.
Sinoun, Phirom, Vichet The three DDP sign language interpreters--Sinoun, Phirom, and Vichet--observed the meeting and the interpreting. They are learning English so they will be able to interpret at international meetings like this that work in English.
Liza Clews, Sou Poly, Neang Thary, Riikka Heikkinen, and Charlie Dittmeier Charlie Dittmeier takes notes as the group discusses an issue on the agenda.
Riikka Heikkinen, Liza Clews Riikka Heikkinen explains the structure of the Finnish Association of the Deaf which is a sponsor of the Skills Development Project. Liza Clews interprets for Riikka.
Afternoon session of the ANM The morning of the first day was given to reports of activities in 2005, and staff were invited to remain after giving their reports so that they would better understand the full overview of DDP activities.
Sou Poly, Neang Thary, Chap Kim Hoeung, Riikka Heikkinen Riikka Heikkinen explains a point to Sou Poly, Neang Thary, and Chap Kim Hoeung during the break.
Chea Sokchea, Charlie Dittmeier, Vichet In the evening we had a dinner for Riikka and all the staff. At the end Sokchea and Vichet prepared a surprise birthday celebration for Charlie.

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