FAD in Cambodia / Day 2
21 February 2006


Neang Thary, Riikka Heikkinen, and Liza Clews The venue for the meetings with FAD's representative, Riikka Heikkinen, shifted today from the DDP office to the meeting room of Catholic Relief Services (CRS). First, Riikka and Charlie Dittmeier, the representatives of the sponsoring NGOs, had a discussion, and then Neang Rathary (left in photo), Riikka, and Liza Clews discussed DDP finances.
K Conroy, L Pirie, M Otte, G Otte, C Dittmeier There were meetings of a different sort at lunch time. Charlie (right) met with Kevin Conroy, Celina Campas (not shown), Lisa Pirie, Michele and George Otte to talk about Maryknoll's Deaf Development Program.

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